KYJO Plate Rolling Services


  • KYJO Steel can roll material as thin as 22 gauge up to a thickness of ¾ inch
  • Can roll stainless steel, aluminum and 44W (mild steel) to AR400 material
  • Can roll many different sizes of cones


  • 12’ Wide X 1/4 plate roller with 12” DIA top roll
    • 5’ Wide X 3/16 plate roller with 6” DIA top roll
    • 3’ Wide X 14 GA plate roller with 2” DIA top roll
    • 4’ Wide X 1/4 plate roller with 6” DIA top roll
    • 6 ½’ Wide x ½ plate roller with 10” DIA top roll
    • – full CNC

Our Capabilities

With numerous steel plate rolls to choose from, KYJO Steel is able to provide a wide range of plate rolling services. We take pride in our willingness and ability to tackle any of your steel plate rolling projects. From a quantity of one to hundreds, we welcome projects that range from a simple roll to very complex shapes with multiple radiuses. Through our flexibility and diversity, KYJO Steel is able to meet almost all of your rolling requirements.

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